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  • Ray

    Ray & Celine

    Chris and Frankie were the best people we could ever ask for our wedding. We hired them a few months ago, and we had a follow up in person 1 week before the wedding to go through the schedule of the whole AD, and they were patient to hear our plans. On AD, they arrived early to start the prep shoot at the bride’s pick up location. They captured the gate crash and the church wedding, and put together The morning highlight video, for showing during banquet. It was so touching that when my wife and I sneaked the peek from the hotel doors while it played during the second entrance, we both teared. Overall, they have captured and beautifully woven our wedding ceremony into a perfectly timed, romantic and touching story that touched many people. We will recommend to everyone getting married! Best people we can ever work with!! We now look forward to seeing the final product of the full AD video 😀


    Thanks Frankie for covering our big day! Everything was really well taken and professionally done, had a lot of positive reviews from everyone… Really grateful for being on the ball at all times and coping with our custom timeline! Also of course thank you Chris for arranging everything.


    Dear VisioWorkz Team, Thank you for all the great work. We truly admire your good eye in capturing all the memorable moments on our special day. The photographs and videos were beautifully taken. Really appreciate the help in making the morning highlights so interesting and fun despite given such short interval. Our family and guests really enjoyed every bits of it. Thank you Chris and Frankie for showing us your patience throughout the entire day. It was truly a joy to everyone of us working alongside your team. Fabulous job well done! Keep it up and we will definitely recommend your services to our friends and relatives!! Cheers!


    Dear Visioworkz Team, I have been recommended by Darren & Esther whom got married last year. Thank you for your great service throughout, assisting us to capture beautiful memories on our wedding day. Not only do you guys have an eye to capture great photos & videos, you have been patient with us throughout the tight schedule and even managed to do up a great video montage within a very short time frame. I will definitely recommend my friends should they be looking for photographer & videographer! Thank You Visioworkz!.


    The video and photos perfectly capture the laughter, the excitement, and the love that we and our family experienced throughout “the big day”! Chris and Frankie found a way to strike a perfect balance on the moments . Chris and Frankie have shown their professionalism in their work and took the initiative to cater to our needs. It is something we’ll cherish forever– A beautiful piece i’ll be bursting-at-the-seams excited to show my family, friends, kids, future kids
  • Raymond

    Raymond & Chen Shi

    We are very happy with the services provided by Visioworkz. We like the childhood montage and SDE. Chris has been professional, friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Always did her best to meet our requests. We felt at ease and enjoyed ourselves on the actual day! Thank you!


    Dear VisioWorkz, Thank you for the fabulous work. The photographs taken were really good. Thank you for making the morning highlights so interesting and fun given the short interval in between. Our relatives and friends truely enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you Frankie and Team for being very patient with us and for capturing every beautiful moment. Utterly grateful. And because of your efficiency, the photos were uploaded onto the online album within 5 days after our wedding. Thank you so much visioworkz. Thank you Chris, Frankie and Team . Thumbs up for your service!
  • YU KAI


    It was a breeze working with Chris, Frankie and Team. They had a good eye and managed to capture all the important scenes without us posing for it. This is especially important for us as certain scenes (e.g unveiling of bride) should only be done once. Excellent work guys! Such a great team and we will definitely recommend them to our friends. Keep up the great work!


    To Chris and team, What a wonderful service by your team! You guys have been really professional, on time for the each stages of the wedding day. You guys have done a marvellous job in capturing all the smiles from everyone that day! We look forward for the final products and here’s 3 cheers to the team! Hip Hip Hurray x3! Awesome job Visioworkz!


    Hi Chris! I would like to express my heartfelt thankx to u, n ur team, Frankie. They were very sporty n the video was great! Thankx a lot.


    To Chris, Thank you so much for all the co-ordination. To Chris & team, Thank you for your hard work and services rendered. Great Team! Great Service from Visio Workz!


    Great Service Throughout! From the time when we were choosing photographers until the end of the wedding, we were pleased with the service provided and photos / videos taken. Looking forward to the final product once its done. Thank you Chris, Frankie and team for helping us capture the precious memories of our actual day wedding, especially having to work with our tight schedule. Great job Visioworkz!
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