Photography & Video Production

Corporate Photography

We provided a wide range of visual content, including interview | live stream | headshots | event Still Photography & Corporate Videography.
Whether you’re looking to refresh your company photography and produce a professional video, Visio Workz provides all the photography and video production you need to market your products, services, and business portfolios.

Photography & Video Production CAPTURE YOUR AUDIENCE High-quality & professional photography that drives sales and adds value to your brand.


Engage your audience with inspiring video and photo content

Photography & Video Production

Select integrate session(s) that suits your online business branding need

Integrate Session(s) online branding solution
With professional look photographs, video podcast,
or webcast gives your real business credibility in a
professional, informative, cost-effective way.

Team Photography

Integrate Session(s Photography | Video Production

Corporate Price


Team Photography

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Video Production | Interview Video | Live Stream

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Event Photography | Videography

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Headshot Photography

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event videography

Photography & Video Production

Set-Up / Installation Fee @ S$200
1 Pax $120.00 (Per Pax)
5 Pax $90.00 (Per Pax)
10 Pax $65.00 (Per Pax)
20 Pax $50.00 (Per Pax)

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This kind of photography is to capture people in their work environment to help promote the business. By presenting your team, services, and places professionally, you’ll increase your customer base and keep existing clients engaged.

Director + Videographer On Location
HD Camera
Audio/Video Feed
Audio Mic Up
Live Stream System
Realtime Mixing Video Production


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Interview videos usually focus on one person answering questions, and generally, on a specific theme, customer testimonial video, Interview videos can be sprinkled throughout your website anywhere that an interview would help explain the information or tell the story
Talking heads and presenter-lead video is an effective way to present information and engage your viewer, using a spokesperson or video presenter. Creative talking head video production delivers your company story, personal message, or expert opinion in a relatable and individual manner.
Training video is a cost-effective and highly efficient way to deliver training to staff and clients.

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Corporate Event Photography & Video Production

Event Photography

✓ Same Day Recce
✓ All Images Edited And Return In High Res
✓ Online Images Download / Sharing Private Web

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Environmental Photography

Event Video Production

This video production approach is for events where clients want a complete document of the entire event

This video production approach summarizes the purpose and key messages of your event. This type of video captures the significant moments, activities, and insights that took place and bring it all together in an engaging way for attendees.

Complete document of the entire event | Summarizes the purpose and key messages of your event.

When clients need to project Live Happenings to the audience, The event happenings on the stage to project onto a white screen.

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